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Everett Frank is Vice President & General Manager of Optimum Design Associates. He is responsible for all operations at Optimum. Mr. Frank has extensive management experience in electronics and contract manufacturing. He has held general management and executive positions at Anthem Electronics (acquired by Arrow Electronics), K-Tech (acquired by Suntron), and Sanmina-SCI. He has led diverse operations including cable assembly, machining, sheet metal, and precision assembly where he has been responsible for the manufacturing of complex high precision systems. Additionally, Mr. Frank has served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies including KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, and Electroglas. Mr. Frank has also consulted to start-ups in the networking and telecommunications industries, and to many contract manufacturers. He has been with Optimum Design since 2005.
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Offshoring to China More Expensive Than United States

Offshoring to China is now more expensive than building in the United States (for the United States). Using objective 3rd party databases and actual prices we demonstrate why building "in region for region" is now the hottest trend in outsourcing.


1 Minute Guide To Supplier Management

Supplier Management starts with cultivating a relationship with your suppliers that will strengthen both businesses and create mutual profits. In 1 minute, here are 5 keys to consider for creating a prosperous business relationship between you and your suppliers.


The 3 Keys to Customer Satisfaction

The Harvard Business Review recently said that, “Companies that aim for ‘zero defections’ (keeping every customer they can profitably serve) make profits rise.” On average it costs manufacturers 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an old one, and 5% reduction in the customer defection can increase profits by up to 95%. Improved customer satisfaction is paramount to reducing customer defection, and by listening to the reasons why customers defect, managers know exactly where the company is falling short. Below are 3 keys which if appropriately utilized, can increase customer satisfaction.


Why Price Isn't Always Everything


There's an old saying, Price, Quality, Speed: you can have two. If you want the best price and best quality, it will take longer. If you want the best quality and you want it fast, expect to pay a premium. And if you want the best price delivered fast, expect quality to suffer. Here's a look at these three common situations.


Surviving Downturns With Your Contract Manufacturer

It's inevitable: sometimes you need to reschedule the backlog. Mitigating liability is the number one priority. Downturns are unpredictable, so proper preparation is necessary. Below are a few strategies that will allow you and your contract manufacturer to make it through.


3 Excess Inventory Solutions


US manufacturers lose an estimated $450 billion annually to excess inventory. The best way to reduce inventory write downs is preventing excess in the first place. Here are three tips to help you avoid and deal with excess inventory.


Security of Supply: High Probability Electronic Component Sourcing

What does security of supply mean? The term was originally used by the military to describe the methods of securing supply of items critical to military need (click here for more on military usage). For non-military procurement, it means "designing a supply chain with a high probability of delivering what you need, when you need it" ( Lytica.com).  

Contract Manufacturing Cost Control: 4 Key Software Tools

Everyone talks about systems, but how relevant are they to helping you actually cut cost? Here are some software-driven systems to look for when choosing a contract manufacturer.


Contract Manufacturing Price Cheaper in Mexico Than China



A new Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study titled “The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing: An Analysis of the Changing Cost Competitiveness of the World’s Top 25 Export Economies” ranks Mexico as less expensive than China. Even more significantly, it notes that China’s edge in manufacturing cost compared with the U.S. is now less than 5 percent and will continue to shrink as China's Third Plenum reforms are implemented.


What China’s Third Plenum Means for Offshore Manufacturing

Envisioning a new era for China’s economy, in November 2013 top Chinese leaders held the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th Committee of the Communist Party of China (the Third Plenum), a four-day meeting to plan China’s future of social and economic reform. The reforms outline sweeping changes that China’s leadership expects to make in the coming decades.